Rules WJPC

World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship 2022


The awards ceremony for all categories will take place once the team final is finished, that is, on Sunday at 1:00 p.m.

The prizes by categories are the following:

The first three classified in each category will also receive a trophy.

Pairs and teams of mixed nationalities

In the case of pairs with people from different nationalities, they must notify the Organization which of the two countries they will represent. Once the championship has started, this condition will be unchangeable for the purposes of countries’ quotas. Likewise, each team must represent a single country and will wear a single flag on posters and classifications. In the case of mixed teams with members of different nationalities, the country they will represent will be the one with the most players of that nationality (including reserves). In case of equality, the team will decide and inform the Organization which country they will represent before the start of the WJPC.

People with dual nationality will be able to choose in the registry which country they will represent and the flag with which they will appear on posters and classifications.

General conditions

Only participants over 16 years old are accepted, unless they are accompanied by an adult as a pair or team.

Until the host indicates the start of the test and starts the timer, the participants cannot manipulate, unseal or open the jigsaw puzzle boxes that are on the table.

A player cannot be part of 2 different teams or form a pair with two different people, therefore they can only participate once per category.

Participants must be in the the Millennium Dome 20 minutes before the start of each test. All the tables will be numbered along with the names, as well as the country of origin.

In the final count of pieces, only groups of 3 or more pieces joined correctly will be added to the final count.

In the case of lost pieces, 10 seconds will be added for each lost piece to the final time. If the lost piece or pieces finally appear after 10 seconds per piece, the time taken without the pieces plus the penalty will be considered. In case of more than 20 lost pieces, the participation will be considered null.

Only participants, judges, and authorized personnel are allowed to enter the competition area.

All the jigsaw puzzles used in the tests are the property of the participants once the test is finished.

Participants will only be able to assemble the jigsaw puzzle on their assigned table and within the competition venue. The sign indicating the table number must always be visible to facilitate the work of the judges.

The Organization may dispose of the places of the participants who have not taken their place or have not appeared after 10 minutes from the start of the test, not deriving any compensation or refund to the participant.

It is not allowed to bring extra lighting or use printed or digital templates in which you can see any type of manufacturer's cutting pattern.

Any help during the competition from someone other than the participants may be grounds for disqualification.

In pairs and individually, in case of using shared tables with another pair or participant, it is not allowed to invade the area of the adjacent participant or hinder their construction, being able to be disqualified if a participant seriously hinders another participant.

The applicant accepts that their data of name, nationality and age will appear in the list of participants of the World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship (WJPC), rankings and any other related digital or printed publication with the Championship and authorizes WJPF to use his image in photographs and videos or any other recorded media during the celebration of the tests in which the applicant appears, for Dissemination of the World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship.

All images and videos posted are the intellectual property of WJPF.

The Organization is not responsible for lost objects during the championship.

The decisions of the judges during the tests are final.

In the event of cancellation or postponement of the Championship for reasons beyond the control of the Organization, the WJPF is not responsible for indirect expenses incurred by participants, except for the paid registration fees.

The fact of participating in the World Championship implies full acceptance of the rules. Any incident that arises that is not reflected in them will be resolved by the Organization.

The Organization reserves the right of register/admission of people who may alter the public order or have shown an attitude contrary to the spirit of the WJPF or its Organization.

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