Frequently Asked Questions

Is possible to participate online?
No, it is an on-site competition. There is no way of ensuring the complete rules application in an online mode, so it is absolutely unfeasible to carry out the competition via online. The WPJC is, apart from a competition, a global gathering of jigsaw puzzle lovers.

Is there a minimum level required or is it necessary to have passed a previous classificatory round to participate?
No, any person older than 14 years old can participate in the WPJC. For future editions, the Organization is projecting to expand classificatory phases during the Championship, in order to respond to all needs of participation.

Is possible to register if my country is not on the list of WJPF country members?
Yes, it is independent. If you participate alone, we recommend you to contact your country representative, in order to contact with other people from your country and maybe also represent your country in other categories.

Do I need permission from my country’s representation to register?
No, it is not necessary.

Is anything covered by organisers from travel & accomodation costs or food during competition?
The registration fee only covers the right to participate and the puzzles used during the tests.

Can I pay the registration fees through my country’s WPJF representative organization?
Currently it is only possible for USAJPA members (USA) and AJPA members (Australia).

Is it possible to pay several registrations fees in a single transfer?
Yes, but it is important to detail all the registration numbers in the concept of the transfer.

Why is necessary to provide an identification number or passport on the registration form?
The identification number is used by the system to avoid duplication of users in the registration process or creation of new player profiles in the private area. Additionally, it is useful to generate letters of invitation in case a visa is required to enter Spain.

Which are the competition’s table measures?
Tables are 180 cm length, 80 cm width and 74 cm height. Regarding each category, 2 participants will be placed in each table in the individual one, where as 2 pairs will be placed in the pairs one and 1 team in its category.

Does the Organization provide cardboards or trays to help classify pieces during the competition?
No, each participant should bring their own ones, taking into account the maximum authorized size and number, or use the puzzle boxes.

Can I change of pair or team partners?
You can make the changes you wish up to 2 weeks before the competition. You can do it by accessing your private area, in “My account” section: “my pair” / “my team”. Only the person that has created the pair or team may be able to change its members.

Is possible to make changes between members during the teams’ competition?
No. In teams of more than 4 people, the team will have to decide which 4 members will participate in each of the 2 rounds (in case they pass the classificatory round) before the start of each round.

Can I change my turn in the classificatory round?
No. The organization will divide teams/participants in a equitable way, so that in each group there will be a similar number of countries, and participants from the same country will be distributed in each group taking into account their demonstrated or expected level, in order to guarantee equal opportunities.

Is necessary to be present at the opening ceremony?
No, you will be able to collect your accreditation and the welcome bag during the following days.

Can I have a refund if I cancel my inscription?
Only payed and cancelled registrations before 15 days before the start of the competition, will have a right of refund of the registration fee.

Do I have to carry an I.D. to prove my identity?
The Organization may require a document to verify the participant’s nationality, in case of qualifying for the final round or being awarded.

Which is the most recommended way to travel to Valladolid from outside of Spain?
The best option is through Madrid’s airport (Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas). The best three options from Madrid’s airport to Valladolid are:

There is also the option of flying to Barcelona and afterwards getting a domestic flight to Valladolid with Ryanair or Vueling/Iberia.

To enter Millenium Dome as audience, is it necessary to get a ticket?
No, entry is free, but access to the competition’s area is only allowed to participants and duly accredited media.

Is video recording and photography allowed inside the Cúpula del Milenio?
It is allowed, except for professional use. In that case, permission should be requested to the Organization.

Can I listen to music with headphones during the competition?
Yes, although we recommend not using them at the beginning and end of the test to be attentive to the organization’s notices.

Can you go to the toilet during the competition?
Yes, you can come at any time without anyone being able to take your place during your absence.